Saturday, February 16, 2013

Standing with unpaid workers

Botany Bay Construction (Worcester MA) wage theft demonstration. Metrowest Worker Center (Casa) and Carpenters Local 107 come together to support 5 construction workers who together are owed $25,200 in back wages for work they did. The men did such quality work that Botany Bay (the project general contractor) offered to hire them after the subcontractor, Fastway Builder, took off without paying the workers for work already done. General contractors are responsible for the work in its entirety, both the finished product and for having hired a scam subcontractor with a history of nonpayment. It is time for the contractor to do the right thing and pay the workers. The money is a drop in the bucket for the project but essential to these workers and their families.

Allies stand with the workers in front of the construction site.

Worcester Councilwoman Sarai Rivera addresses the group. 

Scott Shaffer-Duffy of the Worcester Catholic Worker house, addresses the group, reminding us (and Botany Bay Construction) that the Bible is very clear - workers should be paid for work done.

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